Our History

Economic Development
Educational Collaboration

A diverse group of Manufacturing Executives across a multi-county area in West Central Texas began convening in early 2017 and formed a Next Generation Industry Sector Partnership around shared opportunities for growth in the industry. The purpose of the partnership is:

  • To jointly create an agenda that supports the stability and growth of the manufacturing industry in West Central Texas.
  • To commit to coordinated action and implementation of shared, high priority areas by public and private sector partners.
  • To create a forum for the region’s manufacturing industry for consistent, high quality connections, networking, information and idea sharing.

The group has evaluated the biggest trends and competitiveness opportunities for the industry in the region, including new technologies, new markets, and new types of workers. Out of these discussions, four areas of focus were identified for the Manufacturing Partnership to take actionable steps.

  • Worker Recruitment & Retention
  • Identify Specific Training Needs (Includes Soft Skills)
  • Increase Partnerships with Schools
  • Business-to-Business Connections