Member Spotlight

Ludlum Measurements, Inc. (LMI) provides radiation detection equipment to customers in a wide variety of industries around the world.  Located in Sweetwater Texas, LMI was founded in 1962 by Don Ludlum.  Focused on designing products tailored to specific customer needs, LMI’s engineers have developed a wide range of instruments to monitor the environment and personnel safety.  Whether operating on nuclear submarines in the depths of the ocean, ensuring the safety of energy providers, or used in national laboratory research settings, our radiation detection instruments are used in routine personnel and material monitoring, border security, and emergency response situations.

Along with a strong team of engineers, LMI has developed a broad range of technologies with the additional talents of health physics professionals, chemists, and physicists.  The ongoing investment in research, ever expanding test capabilities, advanced production equipment, and custom manufacturing processes ensures the Ludlum family of businesses continue to sustain a high level of competency and excellence.  LMI’s engineers and sales team work directly with our customers to modify standard products as needed as well as creating bespoke designs for specialized needs. 

To support this high level of customer service the company maintains a vertically integrated and diverse range of manufacturing processes.  With the in-house ability to control and supply printed circuit boards, firmware and software, injection molded components, precision tooling, CNC machining and fabrication, and calibration and repair services for any brand of equipment, LMI has a secure supply chain unmatched in the industry. 

This customer-first philosophy that launched the business in 1962 lives on as the company continues to develop new products, invest in expanded capabilities and technology, and acquire complementary businesses to keep up with our customer’s ever-changing needs.  

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