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Rentech is the leading manufacturer of water tube boilers.
Rentech manufactures industrial package water tube boilers, heat recovery steam
generators (HRSG), and waste heat boilers of water tube and fire tube type.

Rentech was founded in 1996. Since those early days Rentech
has grown to be the leading, worldwide, supplier of industrial water tube and
waste heat recovery boilers. Rentech custom-designs all its boilers to the fit
the application and meet customer specifications. We do not offer stock or
catalog products and attempt to make your application fit a standard design.

Rentech is staffed to meet the most stringent project
requirements. Today Rentech has over 25 staff engineers that perform all
thermal design, boiler circulation design, structural design, and pipe stress
analysis. The boiler thermal and circulation design are performed using
Rentech’s proprietary design software and PPSD®. 


Our 37-acre manufacturing facility includes heavy bay and
light bay areas with direct access to rail, cross-country trucking routes and
shipping facilities to serve domestic and international customers.  Rentech Boiler Systems recently completed
another expansion, giving the industry leader more than 170,000 square feet of
manufacturing space at its headquarters in Abilene, Texas.  Within our three companies on site, Rentech
Boiler Systems, Rentech Boiler Services & Frontier Welded Products, we
currently have approximately 300 employees.  

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